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Rules and Regulations for Reserving the Fellowship Hall

1. Church buildings are to be held in reverence at all times.

A. Any use will be approved by the Pastor or the Local Board of Administration
B. Thermostat is set at 65 degrees. Do Not change it unless the Pastor or caretaker is contacted prior to use of the building.
C. Anyone using the building must take their trash and food with them.
D. Before leaving, Floors must be swept & mopped, Kitchen sink & counters must be wiped clean and bathrooms must be cleaned.
E. Make sure that all water faucets are completely shut-off and that commode tanks have filled properly and have shut-off completely.
F. No Alcoholic beverages allowed on church property and No Smoking allowed in the building.
G. All chairs and tables are to be folded and stacked in the proper place.
H. A fee of $100.00 per use for all non-church members will be necessary to cover the expenses incurred. This will cover the cost of lights, heat or air conditioning, water usage, etc.
I. The building is not to be used while church services are in progress.
J. The building will be inspected before and after use by our custodian and reports made to the Local Board of Administration.